Growth-Driven design (GDD) is divided into two distinct phases:

Phase one

The first phase, consists of strategy development and the creation of a Launch Pad website. We aim to build on a strong foundation based on goals, personas and extensive of research. Buyer personas will be defined and we devise a strategy on how to reach them. In addition, a website audit will be done of your current website’s appearance, functionality, and analytics to determine your baseline.

To minimize risk and save time & resources we focus on the essential 20% of the website that will make the most immediate impact and launch it quickly, resulting in the Launch Pad website.


Phase two
Once the initial website is launched, phase 2 begins called the growth phase. This phase consist out of on-going cycles to continuously experiment, learn and improve on your website. The four according cycles are plan, develop, learn and transfer. Our team conducts UX testing to verify hypotheses. Actual user behavior will be collected to inform our iterative design and development. Any ideas that are collected during this process are further evaluated, weighed for importance, and integrated into the site -or discarded- as appropriate.

Expansion will be prioritized in order to focus on those areas that will generate the most impact through boosting conversions, improving user experience, personalizing for buyer personas, and building marketing assets.